Want to Know About the Types of Dental Implants?

dental implants

Want to know about the Types of dental implants?

Dental implant treatment has become one of the common treatments nowadays. Because of dental problems people prefer to get implants rather than taking medicines to resist the pain of teeth. Those who go for dental implant treatment often do no enquire about the types of implants available to use. But not a problem here you will come to about some of the types of dental implants available.  

Threaded dental Implants

From the name itself your can understand the type of dental implant treatment. Like the Cylindrical dental implant the upper portion of the steal contains threads which help the tooth to fit well. There are various types of fitting methods but threads are always been the most popular. The Dental implant cost of this type is very similar to other types, so patient can choose this one as well.

Metallic dental implants

This implant treatment use metal implants for high durability and strength for the tooth. The metal is fitted inside the tooth so patient does not have to worry about any type of breaking of tooth. Metal implants are long lasting when compared with other types.

Carbon implants

The name defines the type very well, yes the material used is carbon to manufacture the implant. It is not often preferred type because it may fracture while putting continuous pressure on the tooth.

Ceramic dental implants

Medical science has started using ceramic implants in the dental implant treatment these days which is strong enough to resist pressure on it. The dental implant cost of this type may be high because of the material used. Cerarmic implants are not often used because of its cost and there are other better options available with same specifications.  

When it comes to talking about the dental implant treatment people often look at the dental implant cost and deny for the treatment. They must understand that its only one time treatment and relaxation for the entire life. Expert of this field highly recommend the patients to choose only reputed treatment centers for dental implant treatment to get trusted and strong teeth for the whole life.


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